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Branding—What it is & why it’s good

Knowing what a design studio does sounds like an essential requirement for a client looking to make the most of a design project. But at Univers, like all professionals, sometimes the things we do as second-nature, and the language we use in our work, are a bit mysterious to everyone else.

This is the first in a series of posts that give descriptions of the things we do at Univers which I thought might need a little explaining.

What is branding?

At Univers, “brand” means the complete outward expression to a particular audience of an entities’ personality and purpose. “Branding” means the services we provide to define that audience and form that expression in ways which help our clients achieve their business goals.

Confusingly, it can also mean how a logo is applied to something, referring back to cattle branding. So, it’s OK to ask for clarification to be sure.

What is NOT branding?

Any single part of a brand: it’s not just the logo, product or advertising; it’s the coordinated affect of all that together with anything else a specific audience encounters about the entity.

Why is branding good?

In order to succeed, most businesses know that their clients need to remember them for positive reasons. Branding helps create a strategic, coordinated approach to each aspect of that scenario.

  • Identify and understand the client

  • Make a positive initial impression through logo, social media, website and other presentations

  • Use words which attract, engage and prompt

  • Offer a product which is desirable

  • Be remembered for positive attributes which your clients value

I could go on! I think you get the picture. Branding can be foundational to good business.